Official S8 TouchWiz home in any Samsung Device[NO ROOT]

Slowly the galaxy s8 sightings begin to appear. Starting from the body shape, music player, and some applications such as internet browser is still beta version.

And the last picture of the homescreen and icon pack, has appeared.

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 was released a few days back and the hype around the device is far from over.

S8 has been receiving. Even when the Note 7 was released, it did not get the attention of many users. Galaxy S8 is a whole different story. A few days ago.

we reported how you can download and install Galaxy S8 launcher on Samsung Devices running Android Nougat.

A lot of our users have been asking me for a backport of the launcher for older Android versions; it's finally here, thanks to the XDA Forum member SinnloserTyp.

Read along to download and install Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher on Samsung Devices
running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Android Launcher, so to speak, the homescreens of different smartphones, can be adapted to any Android device.

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you can use this APK to bring the TouchWiz Homescreen of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 to your device.

TouchWiz Home: Android Launcher of the Samsung Galaxy S8

With the "TouchWiz Home" launcher you get the latest version of the Samsung launcher on your Android device.

They access the new features that the launcher brings along, such as calling up the app overview with a swipe gesture on the homescreen.

With the latest version of the "TouchWiz" Launcher, you can turn any Samsung smartphone with Android 7 into a Galaxy S8.

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