How to root samsung j7 2016 without pc

The term rooting is very familiar among Android users. Rooting is usually associated with ngoprek activity to maximize the performance of Android gadgets beyond the limits of the manufacturer's capabilities. 

So, what is rootis deficit more clearly? What is rooting for? How to root Android gadgets? Rather than curious, let's talk together.
Simply put, rooting can be interpreted as giving full access to the user to change, tweaking, modify the android system. Similar to the usual administrator terms you find in Windows OS to access system files. 

Approximately rooting the same way, with root access, you can change and have access to the entire Android system.
By doing Android root does not necessarily increase the performance or ability of Android phones. Rooting Android is the same as "opening the door" to develop this operating system. 

So, why Android gadget vendors do not provide rot access from the beginning? There are certain reasons. Because it aims to protect the Android operating system as a whole. 

If root access has been granted since the beginning and users have inadvertently changed or omitted one to several vital system files, it can cause the performance of Android gadgets to become unstable and the worst risk may result in total death. That is the reason why Android gadget vendors limit access to system files.

because Me-Root means we can at will change, delete, add, even damage all existing in the mobile phone system.

Usability of root on android include unlimited access to the system, installation of files on memory card, uninstall the default application, backup system alikasi, custom installation Rom, add android RAM and others.

For this Android Root tutorial this time we will use Framaroot application that make your android device become already ter Root with one click,
Please follow the guide.

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