S9 icon pack for all samsung device no root

As the title only updates the UX9 theme, in this second version there is not much change. Just fix some flaws in previous versions. Like wifi icons exist in some overlapping devices.

 If the os nougat innate normal wifinya icon, but in nougat update like Aseries 2016 it was a collision, after I studied it emang different. So I am providing for both.

Furthermore the wallpaper resolution is improved, and there are some additional icon sim that replaced with some samsung logo. 

Badge icon on the homescreen changed to white. Display icon can be replaced without frames, or use frames.

main feature:

- With smooth, round square icon, Samsung Galaxy S9 latest and greatest style.
- <b> 10 000 icons
- <b> 100 Cool Wallpapers
- Best new style 2017 design icon pack material for Android.

Hope for Many good works with others.

All icons are designed to look clear and smooth, Because They Are Made in the Highest Definition.

S9 Icon Pack Provide a request for the icon of the Requests.To icon, please open S9 Icons and navigate to the Request Icon section.

We'll keep trying to add new icons, as well as existing icon updates to follow with new app icons.

Supported devices:
All Samsung device

We always listen to feedback from users to Improve products. Thank you!

Galaxy s9 icon