Galaxy s9 weather for all samsung | No root |

Dipostingan previously I discussed about the application of Galaxy S9 messages that can be installed on the samsung nougat. Can be seen here. 

For this time it is still about samsung app updates again, but not the usual app but weather widget, or weather Galaxy S9.

The function of this weather widget is of course to know the weather conditions in our place, or it could be to know the weather conditions around the world. 

We just look for the name of the city and emerged forecasts in the city tersebut.Kemudian subsequent function is to add a hanging on the homescreen of your Samsung device. Although old hape but looks more fresh with this latest widget display.

Basically the function and appearance of this weather is still similar to previous versions. But the placement of slightly changed icons, and the backround that changes color, makes the display slightly different.

In the widgets that have been two, now there are more additions to three. First samsung typical weather widget that first appeared on the Galaxy S8, the shape is still the same and no change at all. 

Next hour and weather widget that previously rigidly extends to the side, can now be back pulled down like on galaxy s6. Lastly there is a widget widget that is weather widget, complete with description and weather forecast for the coming day.

No less interesting this widget can change the background with two color choices are black and white. With a transparent level that can be set, more details can be viewed below video.

Galaxy s9 weather