Samsung Galaxy s9 touchwiz on any samsung device no root

Samsung Galaxy S9 is here, and it comes another update of Samsung's UI software.

This year is more of a polishing than last year's overhaul, with the S9's home screen sporting an array of geometric wallpapers, wireframe icons, and distinctive widgets.

Even if you pre-ordered a Galaxy S9, it's not showing up for a few weeks. While you're waiting, why not get some of that sleekness on your phone with our very own Samsung-inspired theme?

Wow ... !! Galaxy S9 has been born into this world. Therefore, this post I want to share a theme called UX9. Why that name? Because UX9 is shorter than Galaxy S9.

This theme is new from the beginning. Especially from the color, there are still many shortcomings. In its section Icon bars, buttons, and settings are taken from the theme.

terspichora and, partly from the bodhisattva theme. Because it seems the icon of the two themes that are most suitable for this theme. While the app is in use.

When this theme is installed, the theme of the service will stop itself. So despite the theme of the experiment, the theme will be permanently installed.

Let's more clearly see the video below.

Samsung Experience Home v9.0.05.32