Théme miui 9 v2 for all Samsung |wihtout root

update in this post. The title is written duo because the theme is two types, the other is still limitless in the update, and the other with the standard miui icon pack is almost boxy.

To complete some of the shortcomings of the theme I As a samsung user must be curious with other

brands. Although both android, but the marinade is different. Of course it would be different. For example me, when miui first appeared I was pretty curious about the UI of the xiaomi. Hence beremed time ago I post a theme like mihat limited limitless 9,

Each of these themes is split into two. The difference lies in the background notification panel. the first one is still the same as the original one with the background background, as the weather is xiaomi.

Lock screen théme

                                      miui v2

Home théme mui v2

Notification panel
Théme Miui v2

my files theme miui v2

In order to look a bit like in the statusbar there follow follow. One of them data and wifi icon. Kemudin icon sim which is with some logo mi, samsung, and qualcomm. A more detailed

view is in the video below.

Like the previous themes this is a trial or trial version. But just calm down because I provide options. 

For non root user I suggest using an existing (patch theme). Although the theme tryouts will not come back. For root user can choose which one.

- Limitless v2.