Explain how to use Wi-Fi Map to discover network passwords for Android and iPhone

I loved to give you a program to discover the passwords of more than two million networks
Wi-Fi in the world

You can now download Wi-Fi Map for Android, iPhone and iPad. Wi-Fi allows you to discover the passwords of more than 2 million Wi-Fi networks in 95 countries around the world.

Wi-Fi Map displays Wi-Fi networks close to you and their passwords for these networks, after running the Wi-Fi Map application where Wi-Fi Map automatically locate the geographical user and view the Wi-Fi networks near you with the display of their passwords, and you can Enter it for free.

In addition, anyone using Wi-Fi MAP can add Wi-Fi passwords to the Wi-Fi Map Store so your neighbors can use the same place to use your network.

The Wi-Fi Map application works offline.

Now with the explanation of how to use Wi-Fi Map:

First you need to download the Wi-Fi Map application from your app store according to the system that is compatible with your mobile.

Enable GPS.

Run the Wi-Fi Map application after downloading it on your mobile then WiMap Map will show you a list of all networks near you in your location.

Click on the name of one of the networks shown, where Wi-Fi Map will display the password of the network that was selected.

Enter the password that appeared for the selected network to enter the network and enjoy.

Download wifi app for Android


Download WiMap App for iPhone