How to update samsung messages S9 on any Samsung device

Galaxy S9 is the highest series of smart phone line samsung today. We know Galaxy S9 has several advantages, and uniqueness in comparison with its predecessors.

From handsome design body, camera with dual aperture, until the application is completely new. Of course it will not be found in other Galaxy series.

With the latest OS oreo Galaxy S9 bring new applications as well, one of them messaging or messages. This application has a uniqueness that already has a sticker, like the latest messaging applications today. Is anyone interested to try this app?

Although this app only exists in galaxy s9, it does not mean other samsung devices can not install it. Because after I try this application runs very well, with minimal OS nougat.

No need to root access to install this application, just by way of regular install, and old messages application is updated with new. If there is force close, we just delete the data and cache from the settings of this application.

Basically the function and usefulness of messages Galaxy S9 is almost similar to the old, it's just has a new color that is blue. Then bubble chat is similar to iphone but has a green color.

Next the emoji placement is above the keyboard. More details can be viewed in the video below.

Though it's been working very well in Nougat OS. But the very interesting part of the sticker, does not appear or does not exist. Seems to have to install another application again for the sticker can be used.

I do not know I have found a solution about the sticker.

In spite of its flaws and advantages, these S9 messages are worth trying.

S9 Messages

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