Green kinemaster 2018 (Supports video layer) for free


This time I want to share one of the best android video editor apps. This application is quite complete and helps to edit the video.

The features in it are also quite a lot. In addition we can also download some additional efect provided in it. Pokonya quite complete for an android video editor.

Create friends who like narcissistic video or who like to upload videos to yotube would be great if edited first with this kine master. This app is also the one I use most often nowadays.

If previously I prefer with viva video pro, but because he said that this is more complete, finally I try this master kine until now.

Because coincidence there are two kine master is the usual and who support green screen, monggo selected just as needed.

Kine Master is the only video editing application that has full features such as video layer and also green screen.

With the KineMaster app, you can add multiple layers of video that you will edit in a project.

However, if you want to get video layer feature. Things you should do first is:

Buddy must have root application Explorer, and of course smartphone buddy is in the root state.

if your smartphone is in the root and available root application Explorer.

The first step to do is:

• First download the Kine Master application.

If so, please install and allowed to run to test the application.

Next, you must download a file that will be useful to open the video layer feature.

Please download the file bellow:

Kine Master Green Pro