How to get Ios 12 Style WhatsApp in Android without root

How to change the look of whatsapp android like iphone x, Among us there may be some even many who want to try to look at the look of the most tajir and most prestigious gadgets, the iphone, hp is sold with exorbitant prices and some excellent features that always there new in every ride version.

Basically, here will only change the appearance, or theme only, and whatsapp application we will install is whatsapp application that has been modified, and can be changed theme according to the theme provided.

●Steps 1.

Download whatsapp MOD application
Download iphone theme for Whatsapp
Backup whatsapp first on your phone. (ctt: The number listed on whatsapp you should still be active, because it will be used to re-login using that number)

How to backup: Click the 3 dots in the top right corner >> select settings or settings >> select chats >> select back up chat or backup chat >> select backup

After data terbackup please remove whatsapp installation that is in your phone. go to application settings and remove whatsapp app.

next install whatsapp MOD application has been downloaded

Open whatsapp mod application and login as usual using phone number.

Choose to restore backup when you start signing in on whatsapp to restore previously backed chats.

Up here whatsapp can be used, but the appearance has not changed. The trick as follows.

How to Change Whatsapp Display Android Like Iphone X

Select 3 dots in the top right corner. >> fouad mods >> YoTheme >> Load theme >> then locate and select iphone theme you have downloaded formatted .xml

wait a moment until whatsapp look like whatsapp on iphone.


Applications whatsapp mod can also be in oprek as desired, such as changing the font color, change the fond model to change the look and some important features such as hiding online status and others, you can exploration yourself to try its features,