How to get samsung themes paid for free

This is the fourth post on how to install the theme of test samsung galaxy, to become permanent. This method is the most powerful when compared with previous tricks.

Still using apps like package or bk disabler, but this one is devoted to theme. The Excess Theme Store Control is Truly Permanent. When performing restart hape, the theme still does not return to the original. But to be able to use this application we have to make a code or activation license key.

The code can be found at Once the code was obtained just think can use this application. Let me see the tutorial in the video below.

Endless discussing smua product products from samsung galaxy adnroid manufacturer, Karna is a lot to its superior than other hp smartphones, ranging in terms of UI display that will not make you tired of having this samsung galaxy smartphone

For those of you who have samsung galaxy phones you've certainly never seen or have ever opened the existing samsung theme app on your phone instead, there begaram themes and wallpapers that many present it

From free to paid you can meet there, and can easily download and install on your phone to get the look you want,

According to our personal users of this theme samsung free id id is pretty good and very worthy we try or we download and apply on your phone, but there are also some samsung themes that really bener kerren there and of course the theme is paid

Maybe for those who have a lot of money does not matter to buy smua theme on the samsung theme, but for those of you who do not have much money. will share tutorial how to get paid samsung theme to be free

Instead you are free to use or mengdoenload samsung themes ranging from the free and the smell, but if the pay you can use them in test mode, so you can enjoy the theme berbauyar in jangkan time 5 minutes

Completed 5 minutes hp samsung galaxy you will automatically return to the default theme, that's the maksuda of samsung trial theme, and this time we will apply the trick how to get paid samsung theme to be free from the slit theme of the trial

For the application please download below.

Theme Store Control
Download 1 | Download 2