How to install and remove samsung experience 9.0

The technology company of Samsung launches the beta version of the Experience 9.0 customization layer based on Android 8.0 Oreo, with which users of their Galaxy S8 and S8 + smartphones can try the latest version of Google's mobile operating system before its implantation

The Samsung software testers, as the company announces in a statement. The South Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The new beta version includes both Android 8.0 and Samsung's own services, which introduce categories to organize and icons for notifications that are not recorded directly. For its part, the keyboard will also be updated, and will allow to send

Apparently, Samsung has launched a new launcher called Samsung Experience Home. Launcher already called touchwiz home already has a look like galaxy s9. Besides the oreo, this launcher can be installed in os nougat.

These improvements are added to the different areas of the system - which now tells the user about the applications that are in operation -, the use of the Edge and Samsung Dex screens, as well as the storage in the Cloud and recovery service 'Find my mobile' (find my mobile).

The new beta, which will be used by Samsung to develop the 'software' that it will implement in its Galaxy S8 and S8 + terminals, as the South Korean manufacturer has advanced in its statement.

For how to deal with force-close disease is very easy. Just delete the data and cache from this samsung home experience from the application manager. For more details on the video below

After trying the experience of Samsung, this house is still there is a shortage. There is no choice of folder colors that can be set as galaxy s9. Then sometimes there is force nearby. Probably because he is not yet completely fit in the nougat.

Among the requirements to participate in the program, Samsung requires its testers to have a Samsung Account. However, the conditions change depending on the country. 

How to install samsung experience 9.0

Samsung Experience Home v9.0.05.32 

You can't uninstall pre-installed apps without first rooting the phone, but you can reduce the storage they occupy to a minimum. Go to Settings, Apps, All, and for each one that you don't want, tap Clear Cache, Clear Data, Force Stop, Disable.

If there are any apps that you've installed yourself but no longer want, do the same, but tap Uninstall instead of Disable.

It sounds to me from your description that you are in fact learning the new, and not always liked initially, ways of Nougat on your Samsung. I'm guessing that most users do, 

How to remove samsung experience 9.0

Uninstall samsnug experience 9.0