How to install bixby s8 on any Samsung device


How to install bixby s8 on any Samsung device

Surely we are familiar with the briefing feature? This feature is often found in the home screen galaxy in general.

This briefing can be accessed by way of menslide from left at home screen. And to access bixby home is also the same as that.

Bixby home is in my opinion more useful when compared with the briefing, which is more disturbing. Bixby home displays a summary of frequently used application activity Like weather, gallery, facebook, youtube, music, which can be directly accessed from bixby home.

To be able to install bixby home this does not need root, we live install apk like. but maybe it can only os nougat only. Let me not just straight to the installation stage.

So far we know the bixby feature is only in galaxy s8. While the type of galaxy underneath there is no such thing as bixby. Actually bixby it many features and not just one application. One of them bixby home that I will review this time.

First we have to disable or disable briefings first if any. Why should it be disabled? Karen how to access it the same fear of clashing. The trick is to open Settings> Apps> Show system apps> Briefing> Disable. It would be better to delete the data and cache briefingnya first.

Next Install Touchwiz Home Application (Update) and Bixby Home. Clear data and cache Touchwiz home. The same way open Settings> App> Touchwiz home> Storage> Clear Data & Cache. Return to the home screen slide from left right and your bixby home is mounted.

If you do not understand first see the video below.

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