How to root huawei p8 lite without pc

Many Android users need a routine operation of their devices in order to give more powers to applications that need those powers and to facilitate the work of routine without a computer and easily and high speed has been developed king root application.

Which enables you to get the powers of the Super - Uzer (routine) with just one click and we will talk about today.

The method works on most devices and has been tried by me on a number of Samsung devices, but you have to pay attention to the following points:

Routine may be dangerous to the device. The device must be charged at least 50%.

The work of the routine is on your own responsibility and does not bear the writer nor the site any damage resulting from any malfunction or damage to the device.

What are the powers of access to root or routine?

Rotate is a software process called Super User, which is designed to open up some applications that need a more routine access to the root of the Android system, so that they can change, modify or add new features.

On the system, or to take advantage of the very close layers of hardware and steel hardware control through these layers.

In the routine process routine files will be forcibly inserted into the machine by some commands assigned to that purpose.

Which in turn controls them to give the applications full access to the heart of the system, and this application contains a key Mulf between these internal files to ensure that the rest of the applications that need the system without taking the user's permission.

What are the benefits of routines?

The system has many advantages, including the user's ability to modify the system files, add new features, replace the original line with another font, replace the default sounds of the device with other sounds, delete basic system applications, cheat games for the purpose of increasing points and money inside, to her.

Installation method

Download Apps Root