How to root Samsung J7 pro (2017) without pc

How to root Samsung J7 pro (2017) without PC or with Applications is bothered easy, the reason is because every android smartphone has a way to open its open source is different. This is what constrains most people.

There are successful rooting using a PC, some are successful without a PC / computer / laptop and even some are successful when only using the root application only.

Before rooting your Samsung J7 pro (2017) device, you better get to know first what root is. The term rooting is very familiar among Android users. Rooting is usually known as ngoprek with certain goals, such as maximizing smartphone performance. Simply put, rooting can be interpreted as giving full access to the user to change, tweaking, modify the android system on the device.

If my friend often use windows OS would know the name of the administrator, well the term rooting is similar to the term administrator you usually find in Windows OS to access file system. Approximately rooting the same way, with root access, you can change and have access to the whole system on Android devices.

Doing root on Android pal will not necessarily increase the performance or ability of Samsung J7 pro (2017) smartphone drastically. Rooting Android is the same as "opening the door" to develop this operating system. If Samsung J7 pro (2017) can be rooted, why Android martphone vendors do not give this root access from the beginning? This is done with the aim to protect the operating system Samsung J7 pro (2017) buddy as a whole, so that not just any ordinary people can mengoprek that cause the system in Samsung J7 pro (2017) my friend had an error.

Then what is the impact if Samsung J7 pro (2017) device in root? You should know first what risks that will arise when Hp android successfully in the root. Doing a root on the Samsung J7 pro (2017) could cause your smartphone's warranty lost. Any risk incurred when the rooting process becomes the full responsibility of my friend as the owner of Samsung J7 pro (2017).

How to successfully root? There is one important factor that must be considered as this determines the success and failure of the rooting process. The determinant of success and failure is the user itself who does not follow step by step correctly so that the root process on the Samsung J7 pro (2017) to fail.

Another factor that causes a failure in the root of Samsung J7 pro (2017) is a smartphone that my friend had been dioprak-aprik before so jeroannya no longer original and when in the root without using Pc / Computer applied to the device pal, it will not work properly so rooting is said fail, and many other factors.

5 Ways Root Samsung J7 pro (2017) No PC 100% Work

To avoid any root failures, please follow the following step by step correctly.

1. Using KingRoot Applications

KingRoot application is an application that serves to open open source android OS so it is easier to modify for personal interests. Here's a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) with Kingroot:

First download the King Root app. Before installing this app, you should allow Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) to install from third party apps. How, go to Settings menu => Security => Unknown sources (then check).

Look for the downloaded KingRoot.apk app, usually in the Download folder. Use Samsung's built-in File Manager app to find it.

Install KingRoot.apk app, follow the steps until the installation process is complete.

Remember! make sure Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) smartphone connected to the internet, and has a battery power of at least 50%, can also while doing chargers just in case.

Open or run the King Root app, wait a moment then click on the circle that says "Root".

Please wait some time, if there is a confirmation message install King King / King User application or something like just select "Yes" or "Allow".

When the green / blue notification appears, it means Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) pal has been successful in the root.

Now please buddy off, then turn back (restart / reboot) Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) buddy.

Congratulations, Root Process Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) has been successful.

2. Using the 360Root Application

If FramaRoot also has not succeeded, you can use an application called android App named 360Root this. 360 Root application has a function to facilitate the process of rooting the android OS. Here's a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) with 360R00t app:

Enable Unknown Sources to be able to install applications outside the playstore via the Settings menu => Security => Unknown Source (check).

Enable USB Debugging, go to Settings => Developer options => check USB Debugging.

For android 4.2 up go to Setting => About phone => press Build number repeatedly until a notification becomes developer. Go back to the Settings menu => Developer option => check USB Debugging.

Now, download the 360Root Apk HERE.

Install the 360 ​​Root app like the usual app on your Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017) smartphone.

Open the 360 ​​Root app, click the root button to start the rooting process on your Samsung J7 pro (2017) buddy.

Please wait until the rooting process has been completed,

If an application appears with the R icon, it means the root process has been successful in Samsung Galaxy J7 pro (2017).

3. Using FramaRoot Applications

If the above does not work, then you can use this one application. FramaRoot application is an application that has the same work that is open open source (root) of the android OS for easy modification. Here's a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) with Framaroot:

Download the application FramaRoot 1.9.2 Latest Apk HERE.

If you have finished downloading, please ektrak and install the application FramaRoot 1.9.2 Apk on Samsung J7 Hp (2017).

Open the FramaRoot 1.9.2 App, see the "Select an action to execute after root" menu, then replace it with "install Superuser" or "install SuperSU". Please pal select Just Install Superuser.

After that, select "Gsobatlf". This application will automatically perform the Rooting process. So wait a while until the root process in Samsung J7 (2017) pal finished.

If the root process is complete, it will popup "superuser and su binary installed. you have to reboot your device ". Please press OK, then Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) my friend will restart itself.

When finished restarting, look for SuperSU app and install normal binary mode.

FINISH, congratulations Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) buddy success in the rooot.