S9 Rounded Google Search Widget On Any Android

Like what the difference compared to previous google search Rounded. The whole of the S9 Rounded is still the same. Almost no change at all.

If viewed from the iconnya slightly different. The origin of the yellow now turned into gradations of orange and yellow color. Then in the details of the main color that had been orenge, turned black.

In the previous posts there are some s9 applications that can be updated in samsung who still use os nougat. Such as messaging app, or messaging can be viewed.

then weather widgets S9 is also a more cool, can be open here. Sekang turn gallery application that we can update and little I review in this post.

So is it necessary to update this app? The answer depends on each of us, if you want to feel and look more new in update monggo.

But the more important feature is not necessary, because the feature is still the same. A more obvious explanation is in the video below.

S9 Rounded Google Search Widget On Any Android. Easy enough everyone can too. Maybe just so much about how to update galaxy S9 google search Rounded app. Interested to try it please take below.

S9 Rounded

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