How To Get Lock 4G LTE On All Samsung Galaxy | Marshmallow & Nougat (No Root)

In big cities there may be no obstacles with this network, aka no constraints with the 4g network. But in the suburbs even the village may not have found the 4g logo on hapenya at all.

It's been a year since LTE network is available in our country. But not all regions can enjoy this fast network. Somehow the mobile operators are so slow to make this 4g network equalization.

Though 4g mobile has been scattered everywhere.

This time I will share how to lock the 4g network. This method is very suitable for the area of ​​the 4g net is not stable aka lep lup.

While in hapenya no access to choose LTE only.
Then it will appear as shown below.

Then select the phone information. Next will appear like the image below.

Just select LTE only.

Next the second way is specifically for hape samsung. If the original samsung can not access. So if you samsung phone can access the code, can be sure hamsung samsung is not genuine.

Continue again, so we can lock the network 4G (LTE only) that is with the help of application named 4G switchzer. How to use it almost the same as other brands, if still confused please see the video below.

4G Switcher Download