terpsichora-V420_Tike in any samsung device (No root)

We certainly have pamiliar with both of these themes. As far as I know this theme that started the emergence of mod themes among samsung users.

Especially if not terpsichora-V420_Tike and terpsichora. If not wrong this theme is made by a Filipino called Envmark.

This mod theme can be an alternative to change the look of android besides custom rom. Certainly more minimal risk than the custom rom. Then what is the change in this 4th version?

For terpsichora-V420_Tike still use the basic black color like the previous version, and with some small changes in more detail. With some new icons added, and there are some replaced.

The theme of terpsichora-V420_Tike v4 is more neat. And already support in os oreo Samsung.

While Terpsichora almost change is so great. In terms of color is still the same, the icon still looks the same and there are only a few additions in some parts. That feels different in the quick panel.

The colors are slightly transparent in the background with a few empty slits on either side with curved corners, and already support in oreo as well.

More detailed picture is in his video below. Please see first.

Download -Link