Emoji iphone for Samsung

You learn through this article how to activate and access emoticons (emoticons or smileys) on Android devices. The method differs depending on the version of the Android system, so read in the first section how to identify the version of Android available on your account first, and then go directly to the section of your version of the Android system. Your messages and publications will be more vibrant and exciting as if you have moved to live in a new world!

1 Open the Settings menu on your Android device. You can open the Settings app in the apps list on your device.

The support for Android devices to display emoji or emoticons varies depending on the version of the Android system, because expressive faces are readable and displayed based on the information in the system-level font. Every new version of Android supports a different form of expression.

2 Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu. On some Android phones, you may need to first click on the "System" or "System" subcategories to access the following.

3 Click Device information. You may find it with a different label, such as: "About the phone" or "About the Tablet PC." Look for the English counterpart if you use English as the interface language for the Android system.

4 Click the software version (if needed). This may be called "System Version" or "Android version" or so. You may see the version number directly without having to enter that internal tab, while other devices are required to enter that submenu first.

5 Learn about the Android version. You should now see a number next to the "Version / version of Android" sidebar. This number shows the version of Android installed on the phone. [1]

Android 4.4 - 7.1+: In Android 4.4 or later, you can use the Google keyboard to add emoji emoticons, which are explained in the next section of the article. You will also find that the integrated keyboard in the operating system contains the option to add emoticons As well. In contrast, the form and availability of emoticons depends on the version of Android.

Android 4.3: You can activate the "iMnuM" keyboard in the operating system (iWnn IME), which allows you to write non-colored (black and white) emoticons. You can also load an emoji keyboard from an external source (application or so) that allows you to add colored emoticons.

Android 4.1 - 4.2: You can view some emoticons but you will not have a built-in emoji panel in the system to add them in your messages and publications. In contrast, you can resort to an external application or so you can write emoji.

Android 2.3 or older: These devices do not support displaying or writing emoji.


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