Miui 10 theme for samsung


Want to feel the experience using MIUI, but do not have Xiaomi smartphone? Calm down, Xiaomi theme on all Android.

After quite a long time finally the theme is also sled, although there are still many shortcomings. Creating a theme like this is hard too. Because it is no longer editing like s8 evo theme yesterday.

Xiaomi known as Apple from China successfully expands Global market. Not only offer cheap smartphones with luxurious specifications, Xiaomi's success can not be separated from the fresh look and the mild MIUI performance.

which all the icon live ngopy. While this should nyari first, ngedit again, and some have to make again. Maybe therein lies the struggle.

In addition to the appearance and performance of lightweight, MIUI excel thanks to the theme features it carries. You can freely express yourself through the look of your smartphone. With MIUI, you can feel a new look every day.

I try to make this theme as similar as possible, although it does not work 100%. One of them in the searchbar in the make box. Actionbar contrived different colors but did not work with the tub, so in making one color let me uniform.

Like the title above, this post about the theme again. Since miui 10 was launched. Xiaomi also includes several themes in it. One of them is the limitless theme. This one theme looks simple and simple. Because I am interested to apply it to samsung theme.

Icon weather made contrived as closely as possible, because nemu not exactly with the original. All icons that can be changed already try to change. Finally the most successful part of the wallpaper.

Well, that's how to install Xiaomi MIUI theme on all Android. Interested to try MiHome in order to feel the experience using MIUI on your Android? As long as your Android is rooted and using Android Lollipop, you can try it.

Let more clearly please see the video below.

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