Miui 10.5 theme for Samsung


Previously we discussed a little difference UI from miui 10.5 this. According to the sighting that circulated miui 10 is quite different from miui 9 who first born. The most striking lies part of the ui system. If viewed carefully like a blend of iphone and pixel 3 or android p.

The theme miui 10.5 is just an update of the theme limitless or miui 10 I've posted some time ago. If you do not know can be peeped here.

As I wrote down titled, this post is sharing the theme again. Incidentally there is the latest miui, I became interested in trying to apply in samsung theme again.

With reference to this theme I re-edit. I try to make as closely as possible, but the result is just like a little. The whole is almost the same as the previous miui theme. Both the icon and the display of each application.

Toggelnya have a round shape with blue color almost similar to android p. With a white backround separated between toggle, brightness, and notifications similar to the iphone. For the other part it seems still similar to miui 10.5

While the difference can be seen in the video below.

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