Samsung S9 Theme UX9 V2 without Icon Frames


As the title only updates the UX9 theme, in this second version there is not much change.

Just fix some flaws in previous versions. Like wifi icons exist in some overlapping devices.

If the os nougat innate normal wifinya icon, but in nougat update like Aseries 2016 it was a collision, after I studied it emang different.

So I am providing for both. Furthermore the wallpaper resolution is improved, and there are some additional icon sim that replaced with some samsung logo.

Badge icon on the homescreen changed to white. Display icon can be replaced without frames, or use frames.

This is the second post about the inject theme. This inject name is just a term to distinguish it from a regular theme.

This kind of theme could be a solution or other alternativ to change the look of samsung mobile phone in addition to using the usual theme.

That certainly does not need root access so no need to sacrifice the manufacturer's warranty. Of course not familiar with trial or trial on this theme.

Although permanent this theme is not without kekurangn. Sometimes a theme is not installed if the app is already updated.

For example google widget does not turn into a round, because the application googlenya already updated.

To apply it we must install one by one and restart hape first. Feels a little complicated indeed.

The theme this time I named UX9 system ui inject, Because that changed only the icon in the notification panel, settings, and launcher.

So it does not change any part like the previous UX9 theme.

Deliberately made like that in order not to cape, and will pretty much have to diistall. The most important thing to be combined with the theme in the theme store.

An example is in the video below.