Official s8 touchwiz v8.1


Most users tend to change and update
And grab their eyes aesthetic things, even in
Use their phones most users adore
Upload different releases to change the shape of their phone
To a beautiful and attractive shape or simply to change the appearance

The usual anhydride.
If you are a fan of Samsung you can with Lancher.

Glaxy S 8 changed the form of the anhydride system on.

Your phone to Glaxy S8 is wonderful plus
All features plus basic backgrounds
For the Galaxy S8.

You will hear a lot of converting your phone to Samsung
Galaxy S8 and get many features
Available only in Galaxy S8
Features of the Galaxy S8

Disadvantages of the Galaxy S8
Application data
Application name: Galaxy S8 launcher
Application size: 4.0 MB
Application License: Free with ads
Operating requirements: Android 3.2 updated
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Samsung Galaxy S 8

Download Samsung Samsung Galaxy
S 8 Galaxy S8 launcher
Download Samsung Samsung Galaxy
S 8 Galaxy S8 launcher
Features for Galaxy
S8 launcher
1.2 Disadvantages of Galaxy
S8 launcher
Contains the Galaxy S8 on
All Wallpapers of Glaxy S8
New new icons plus
And wonderful.

Contains many fonts
The new and diverse it contains
16 New type of fonts for your phone with
Plains in the switch between the lines
Underdeveloped without having to enter
Phone settings.
You can also control the way you browse
Between applications, you have 12 moves
Different aesthetic to switch between applications.

Choose what you like.
The color of the lines contains Lancer S 8
About 30 different colors for non
Normal font color in the phone.
Displays you time and date as well
Into Google search box attractively.
Offers Galaxy S8 launcher in
Phone lugs for battery displays
Battery status and consumption in a manner
Beautiful and innovative