UX9 V3 Samsung theme for all samsung device Nougat And Marshmallow


Do you still remember this ux9 theme? This inspirational theme from Galaxy S9 finally finished updating. Originally compiled based on the Samsung theme in OS Nougat, there are some incompatibilities when installed on Oreo.

With how many entries and requests from several blog visitors, there are a few changes and additional features.

In the application icon, it still maintains Samsung's default icon. Once I made a full icon, but after I tried it seemed to be too crowded, and I turned it over to the beginning.

While the system icon still uses the icon of the terpsichora theme and the customized bodhysattva again. Then the sim icon that can still be changed as in the previous version.

In the color detail section there is almost no change. Only in the quick panel background that is made a little dark, and the main color improvement in the message application will be more miraculous.

While the new feature browser is always on display or AOD. So when active AOD will display the UX9 logo. Then there is sound protection that is unique to the tone of calls and notifications. Let me know what the sound is like, just try it.

We know it's very difficult to change the font on this Samsung Orion OS. For that I add 30 fonts in this ux9 theme that can be free to change.

More details about the ux9 v3 theme can be seen in the video below.

Download UX9 V3