Point black theme for all samsung device


In the icon pack section or application icon I take it from an icon pack, which I then redraw following the default Samsung color too. The statusbar and navigation bar section is inspired by the Android stock, which looks simple like a square, round, and triangular shape that is slightly changed to match the other icons.

Likewise, the icon in the notification panel, looks a mix of Samsung and Android stock with rounded background angles like Google Pixel 3, which are covered in dark colors.

As stated in the post title, I gave the name black point for this theme. Does not mean anything, so confused and just the name. The important thing is the name black, because it uses a black base color. While the main color of each application uses Samsung default color, such as blue MMS, orange contacts, green and other phones. With some adjustments to still look right.

If you want to follow this great thing, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Download point black theme