Samsung J7 Pro Android oreo 8.1 Update Official


The way to test Android oreo version 8.1.0 on the Samsung J7 Pro phone original version of the giant company in the Samsung phone industry.

Android oreo 8.1.0 comes with a very beautiful interface and easy to use This version provides a nappy on the battery of the phone with my personal experience If you are interested in this wonderful version of Android oreo 8.1.0 Follow these steps to write on your phone without problems.

1 step.

Go to the settings gear as shown in the picture.

Then click on Software Update.

2 Step.

Then click on Download Update Manually as shown in the image.

3 Step.

Then wait until the original version of Android is completed. 8.1.0 When the download process is complete, click on the button and click on Android oreo 8.1.0

So let's make it easy for you to follow the video to the other to take turns without any problems.

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