Instagram Close Friends

A new and wonderful feature for lovers of Instagram stories Instagram Close Friends.

Instagram Close Friends A new feature that allows users to share their personal stories with a few friends. This feature has been tested for almost 18 months and is being rolled out to everyone around the world today on iOS and Android.

In particular, teens create fake Instagram accounts - or Finstagrams - to ensure that the most sensitive content is shared only with those closest to them. By allowing users to restrict some stories to a select circle of friends, Instagram hopes no accounts are needed Counterfeit.

No one wants to publish silly, disjointed or weak stories if they are worried about their boss and their parents and distant acquaintances. So, so people can participate more and more authentically, Instagram will allow you to partner with fewer people. Today, 17 months after the test, Instagram launches the Close Friends feature on iOS and Android over the next couple of days. It lets you create a special list of your best friends on Instagram with suggestions or search, then share their own stories, and a green circle will appear around your profile profile. The current set of text articles to let them know that this is content Close friends only, but no one will be notified if they are added or removed from your list that you can only view them.

With the feature released today, there will be an Instagram story about it in your drawer and it will appear when you press the Create Story Story button, and there will be a call on your profile to configure Close Friends in the Settings menu, and you'll be able to search for your friends Or add them quickly from a list of suggestions based on who you interact with a lot. You can add or remove as many people as you want without their knowledge, but they will not see the story of your close friends surrounded by green circles.