By the end of 2018 these are the most popular applications in Android phones

At the end of each year, Google announced the best applications of games, books and many of the things that were widely used and categorized as PlayStore users as the best applications they used in 2018 so I wanted to share all these applications that got a standard evaluation of Users of PlayStore users in a large number of items such as books, movies and games.

This year Google announced the best applications from Google in its own blog, which made it easier for users to access the best applications in 2018 in a simple and fast way. In making game applications, PUBG ranked first as the best app for PlayStation 2018 at Play Store.

Afla has achieved a large number of films success measured according to Google statistics derived from Play Store Store and among these films are found Avengers: infinity war, Thor and Deadpool2 and also film Jumanji 2.

Among the best-rated television shows are The Walking Dead, Riverdale and The bing bang theory.

To find out the details and how to download the best selected applications from Google in 2018, go to the following link:

After entering the page, simply select the apps category and load the best apps in this category of games, for example.