New Design Messenger 4 of Facebook Style iPhone IOS 12


Messenger a few days ago, announced its new update in the instant messenger application Messenger. Among the main changes that the application will have, there is its design and the reduction of tabs for a more simplified operation. The new design will be similar to that of the iPhone iOS 12 but will simplify the number of items on the home screen.

Facebook decided to eliminate 9 tabs that were complex for users. Now we will only have 3 tabs, one will be Cats and Group Conversations, the other will be people where we will find friends and states published by our friends and finally the tab called Discover where we will find more content according to our preferences.

The new update will be called Messenger 4. It includes the best features, improved and optimized, so it does not consume a lot of ROM and RAM resources on specific Android devices. To take advantage of this new version of Messenger 4, you will have to go here under this article where both download variants will be available. If for some reason you apply the update and the design is the same, just wait for Facebook to send an individual update to your device.

Option 1: Messenger 4 | Download

Option 2: Messenger 4 | Download