Xiaomi's new Mint Browser wants to freshen your browsing experience

Internet browsers for Android phones very much. We have Firefox Focus for privacy enthusiasts, and Chrome browser, which sits on the throne of browsers ... But now Xiaomi want to enter the field as it offers its new browser Mint Browser.

Since Xiaomey sells endless phones every year, it seems like a good idea to offer your own browser so you do not rely on third-party solutions. The Mint Browser occupies a small area of ​​memory, in fact the area it occupies is only 10 MB, and provides data compression, tabbed browsing, incognito mode, voice search and reading mode.

Currently, it does not include ads, and the browser is free, so it seems that Chaoomi wants only more mobile phones than other competing brands, and eventually ends up adding ads to her phones when millions of Motorola and Samsung use their new browser browser Mint Browser.

As far as privacy is concerned, they insist that they will be interested in maintaining it as a strong point. The browser can be downloaded from the following link : Mint Browser