MKBHD New Samsung theme

Themes are the most important element of setting up a smartphone for yourself. After all, it is far from always the sense of beauty in the manufacturer and the user coincides.

Then you want to change something. Some people like dark tones instead of light ones by default, someone is annoyed by strokes around icons. Consider what the market leaders are offering today: Samsung MKBHD New samsung theme.

Among them, a huge number of free, but there are paid. True, to buy a theme, you will have to wade through the vicissitudes of the MKBHD interface.

You can find themes for every taste. There is an imitation of stock Android or Grace UI from Samsung:

MKBHD is famous for its large community, so for it there are many topics that can be downloaded as files. In order to use such downloaded themes, you must install the application MKBHD Theme.

Then there are changes in color and icon in some applications such as calculator, FM radio, video and Samsung themes. For more details, please refer to the video below.