Goodbye Passwords: From today, Android allows you to log in to your accounts in websites and applications using your fingerprint

As of today, Android devices with a version higher than 7.0 and the latest version of Google Play offer access to applications and websites using authentication methods such as fingerprints or PIN, without having to enter a password.

The new system comes to the Android operating system after Google and FIDO Alliance collaborated to introduce the FIDO2 standard in Android, giving users easier ways to authenticate themselves in the platform's core services through their devices.
According to the latest reports, Android 7 remains the most widely used version around the globe, with the new system affecting the vast majority of Android owners.

The FIDO2 standard provides more convenience and simplicity to the login process, without compromising security. Web pages and applications are authenticated locally, and biometric or personal information is not transferred at any time to the site or application you want to log into.
Given that until now there was no API capable of using this method to log on to Web sites, it was still necessary to use the password to do so. Now, developers can already implement the FIDO2 standard in all their applications and location so users can access them with their fingerprints or PIN.