A new trick Google adds to Android phones will love your whole life

A new trick Google adds to Android phones will love your whole life!  Thanks Google.

At the recent Google I / O 2019 conference, Google introduced a host of new features, including Google Lens, which has also become smarter.  

The Mobile Image Recognition application has now been updated allowing real-time translation with enhanced reality and other features.

Through its official Twitter account two days ago, Google provided a breakdown of the latest Google Lens update, which will now allow the translation of any image or text in real time and in tangible terms.  

This new functionality can be activated from Google search, but to make it easier you will start downloading the application.

Google's translation service is integrated into the Lens app, and thanks to them, users can point their camera to any foreign language text so that they can translate it.  In addition, it also includes a text recognition function, which when you point your smartphone's camera to any written text, you can copy the paragraph and paste it into other applications and services.

The famous mobile photo recognition app also features a new feature designed when you go out to eat in a restaurant, where Google Lens can automatically display famous dishes on the menu.  

For this purpose, users only need to point the Google Lens camera on the menu to highlight popular dishes on the smartphone screen.

In the same way, it will also be possible to see reviews and opinions about the restaurant food mentioned, as well as to see more photos or expand information.  

Even after payment is made, Google Lens also helps users split the bill so that everyone pays their share without the need for a calculator.

Application Download Link: Google Lens