Android games you can play in and earn huge amounts of money


Often on the Internet, we come across typical apps and video games to make money, and although we find it hard to believe that by playing or completing some questionnaires in different apps we can make some money, but you can actually make it happen.

So we decided to create a list of some games that you can download and try at no cost and you can earn money from.

Big Time Cash.

This app, which includes built-in mini-games, lets you win tickets for withdrawing money through intelligence, reflexes, and action games, among others, in which you must win by collecting at least one ticket.  The more you play, the more tickets you can win and the cash draw.

You may wonder, where does the money come from the raffle?  Well, Big Time Cash has integrated ads, so every time you open an ad window, the app can earn money.  Part of that money is then withdrawn at a predetermined time so that the app user can earn it.

Lucky Day.

Lucky Day gives you the ability to play raffles and many other things so that you can earn money without investing one cent Most of the comments found about the game in Google Play indicate its success and smooth operation, so more than 10 million downloads have a rating of 4.5 gives a lot to say about these  the game .

HQ Trivia.

In this game players will have to correctly answer the 12 suggested questions if they wish to win matches, which are held every day at 9 pm EST, and on weekends at 3 pm EST.  Winners can get between $ 1000 and $ 10,000, which will be entered through their PayPal account.