4 easy steps to stay hidden on WhatsApp.

The simplest thing of course is to put your phone into sleep mode.  But whatsapp is probably the only thing that bothers you, and you always want to be alerted to your calls and emails.  This can be a nuisance for you and these 4 easy steps to stay hidden on WhatsApp.

1. Turn off Last View and Read Notifications

 The easiest way to set up is to turn off Read Notifications from the Account tab in the WhatsApp settings menu.  This prevents people from receiving a blue tag telling them when they opened the app and saw a new message.  Of course, this works best if you also turn off the Last View setting from the same location.  It's the simplest way to tell your friends that you need time for yourself.

 2. Stop alerts

 This is fairly simple, just go to the "Applications" section of your phone's Settings menu, select WhatsApp, and disable all notifications for it.  Turn off vibration and pop-up notifications, and select the "None" ringtone.  Now you won't feel compelled to check your phone every few seconds.  At least, as long as the screen remains disabled so you won't look at the glimpse of the app icon.

 3. Turn off the WhatsApp notification light

 Once you turn off your phone's notifications, you'll also need to turn off the notification LED that blinks when you receive a message.  To do this go to WhatsApp settings, enter the "Notifications" tab, and turn off the light.  You are now officially absent in all WhatsApp conversations.

 In addition, you can also remove the app icon from your Home screen.  That way with app notifications turned off, there's no way to know which messages you've received until you open the app manually from the app drawer.

 4. Turn off mobile data for WhatsApp

 Or maybe that's not enough, you may not want others to know that you are ignoring your messages.  To do this you can just turn off your mobile data on WhatsApp.  Go to the Apps tab in your settings, and toggle between "Disable Wi-Fi" and "Disable Data Usage".  Alternatively, you can only force the application to stop until you open it again later.  The problem here is that people may only contact you if they think you don't receive their messages.