Facebook surprises everyone and launches a new application similar to WhatsApp and be the first to carry

Facebook has created a new messaging app that lets you chat with your best friends and close family.  No, it's not WhatsApp nor Facebook Messenger.  His name is Threads, the first independent messaging app derived from Instagram.

The app, announced through the company's official blog, will be available for download today on iOS and Android, although its availability at the moment seems limited in a small number of countries.

 Facebook discovers its new application as a tool to keep in touch with our best friends, and through chat, it will be possible to send photos, videos and stories to the contacts of the best friends on Instagram.

This means that your contact list will only consist of Instagram users who are part of this club of best friends, so it will be possible to choose who can contact us via messages at all times.

 The app has started publishing today and can be completely downloaded for free on: Android