Why not buy iPhone 11?


Why not buy iPhone 11?  4 major problems plagued by

Why not buy iPhone 11?  4 major problems plagued by Everyone is talking about Apple phones, and although they have not made significant changes in their recent phones, but they have received a large and unexpected demand, many buy an iPhone for the camera but they do not know that the iPhone is not the most powerful phone in terms of camera, and others buy it  In order to protect from hack, while a large class buys it just to show off.  

Why not buy iPhone 11?

Why not buy iPhone 11?

But in fact the iPhone 11 is not worth buying, especially with the emergence of several problems we will identify in this subject.

1.Touch screen problem:

 The screen of modern Apple phones suffers from problems at the level of the screen as it has become non-streamlined ie when you click on a video or application icon for example sometimes open the application and sometimes you have to press it again, and this is frankly annoying from an expensive phone.

 2- Spasm applications:

 This is one of the most problems that many users complained about the iPhone 11 as it cramps some applications while in use, including the camera application that shows a black screen when you enter it sometimes, so the phone owner is forced to leave the application and re-enter it and sometimes  He must restart the phone.  Apple has sent an update to resolve this issue, but some still suffer from it.

 Battery drain:

 After an update by Apple recently the battery of the phone is running out very quickly, and this problem first appeared with the update 13.1.2 and was resolved but returned again in the update 13.2.2IOS and many users complain about this problem that appeared immediately after the update.

4. Several problems at the level of the operating system:

 You may have heard that Apple is sending a lot of updates lately.
 In the end I think that a phone suffering from all these problems is not worth the price, as there are many other phones with high efficiency and lower price that I recommend to buy instead of Apple phones.