Leaked final design for Huawei P40 phone


Leaked final design for Huawei P40 phone

Leaked final design for Huawei P40 phone Nowadays, no phone leaks are saved, some brands even reveal more details before introducing their equipment due to a "bug" in the leaks.

Leaked final design for Huawei P40 phone
Leaked final design for Huawei P40 phone

As happened with Samsung and its future phone S20 in recent days, the final design of Huawei P40, the upcoming phone of the Chinese company, has now been leaked.

 It seems that the trend of many manufacturers this year is to include a square camera unit on the back of the device, a trend that Google and Apple started last year with its Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 phones.

 However, the design of this Huawei P40 phone is very similar to what we have seen in recent days with the Galaxy S20, where the sensors are placed vertically and are more rectangular than the design of the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4.

On the other hand, we see that Huawei will bet on the dual front camera on its P40, but it will not include any kind of notch, but decided to use the screen slot that we have already seen on the other company's phones but this was very representative of the Galaxy S10 +, though  Samsung seems to have given up on the dual front camera idea for its upcoming releases.

 It has been mentioned that Huawei P40 Pro will have the same design, however, a fourth back camera will be added that will act as a ToF sensor, so the unit can be slightly wider compared to the photos posted on the phone.

 The only details that have been leaked so far about the specifications of this phone are the following:

 The Kirin 990 processor
 6.1-inch screen with AMOLED technology.
 64MP main sensor.

 - Secondary telephoto sensor from 12 MP.
 - Third wide angle sensor of 20 MP.
 - 4500 mAh battery capacity.

 It comes without Google services.