List of phones that will get Android p


List of phones that will get Android p

What makes competitiveness in the phone market between companies is not the quality of manufacturing and the technologies included in the phone, but even the OS versions also make the biggest difference, for example if we take two phones from the same company and they carry the same technical specifications, but the difference is only in the Android version of both of them first  It works on the Android 6 version and the second on the Android 7 version, here and without arguing with my sister, my brother, your eyes will fall on the phone with the latest version even if the price difference is between the two.  This is why you find most of the users are constantly looking for updates available for their phones or phones they want to buy for several aspects, including the protection side, and the aesthetic aspect.

List of phones that will get Android p
List of phones that will get Android P
In this article, we will share a list of phones that can get an upgrade for their Android system to Android 9, even though Android 9 was officially released several months ago, but many users are unaware and do not know if their phone will have an opportunity to upgrade to  Android 9

Phones that can upgrade to the Android 9 version

Yes, dear follower, you will find that a lot of devices, specifically phones, were challenged to the Android 9 version, but there are other phones that did not receive the update even though their upgrade to Android 9 is available to them, perhaps this point is due to factors that were the obstacle in the process of upgrading your phone to the Uhd system.  , And as we indicated that in this post we will give you the names of the phones that can upgrade their system version to Android 9.

List of Samsung phones.

Samsung has previously set a notice for all phones that will upgrade its system to the Android 9 version according to different dates of last year. When you look at this list, if your phone category is present to confirm whether it is up to date or not and proceed to upgrade it.

 Galaxy S9 / S9 + / S8 / S8 + Galaxy Note 9 / Note8 Galaxy A6 / A6 + / A7 (2018) / A8 (2018) / A8 + / A8 Star / A9 (2018) Galaxy J2 (2018) / J2 Core / J4 / J4 + /  J6 / J7 / J7 Duo / J7 Neo Galaxy On7 Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 / Tab S3 9.7 / Tab A 2017 / Tab A 10.5

List of LG phones

 LG also started upgrading some of its newly made phones to the Android 9 version, as follows

 LG G7 ThinQ.  LG V30.  LG V20.

 List of Huawei phones

 It's normal to find other Huawei phones topping the list of phones that can get the Android 9 upgrade, as we find these phones under the list below that are available for the upgrade.

Huawei Mate 10 / Mate 10 Pro / Mate 10 Porsche Design.  Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design.  Huawei
 P20 / P20 Pro.  Honor 10 / View 10. Honor Play.

 Motorola phone list

 Motorola also listed its competitiveness and put some of its phones to be upgraded to the Android 9 version where we find the phones listed in the list have the possibility to upgrade
 Moto Z2 Force / Z2 Play Moto Z3 / Z3 Play.  Moto X4.  Moto G6 / G6 + / G6 Play.

 OnePlus phone list.

Yes, OnePlus also made its mark and was the biggest participant in the competition between modern phones. It is obvious that Bidhi can find a list of her phones within the upgrade to Android 9.

 OnePlus 6 OnePlus 5 / T5 OnePlus 3 / T3

 List of Nokia phones

 Nokia has become aware of the extent of the losses that it will be exposed to while when it does not keep pace with the market for updates, because indeed the company itself does not want to make the same mistake twice and from it you will find it is the first to also place updates for its phones, including the following

 Nokia 3 Nokia 5 / 5.1+ Nokia 6 /6.1+ Nokia 7 / 7.1+ Nokia 8 Nakia 8.1 sirocco.

 List of HTC phones

 Perhaps you will be surprised, dear follower, that you also find HTC on the list.  It is disappointing that she did not innovate in the field of phones as much as the creativity of competitors and this is what made her have a low level of sales of her phones, but despite that she is still standing and competing for this you find that some of her phones top the list of upgrade to Android 9

 HTC U11 / U11 + / U11 Life HTC U12 +

 List of Sony phones

 Maybe the case with Sony is similar to the case of HTC, but nevertheless listed some of its phones to upgrade to Android 9

 Sony Xperia XZ Premium Sony Xperia XZ1 / XZ1 Compact Sony Xperia XZ2 / XZ2 Compact Sony Xperia XA2 / XA2 Ultra / XA2 +