Top three new apps


Top three new apps

If you are looking for new apps and games to try this weekend, you've come to the right place.  As we do on Friday every week in recent months, again, we are looking for the best news that has reached Google in recent days.

Top three new apps
Top three new apps

The three best new apps released this week


An application that allows users to record 6-second videos and profit from them.  It's simple to play, just download a video clip from the phone gallery or use the app's camera to capture things.

 Byte arrives as an app for iOS and Android, and at the moment, there is no web version.  It looks similar to TikTok, because it sticks to vertical video content and unlimited scrolling in which user-uploaded videos appear.


If you are one of those who want to constantly change the background of your smartphone, you cannot miss ColoRS, an app that allows you to change the background color of the phone by just double tapping the screen.  Its features include random color-based shapes and a list of custom random colors, a function that will soon arrive for the application.


It is an application for learning and study, based on the artificial intelligence of Google, which helps to better understand and perform the work of the subjects they send in college or university.  When asking a specific question, the app finds the best online resource for the user to learn concepts, and even supports most high school subjects.  It also provides videos and detailed explanations for learning a topic, and even serves as a study guide created by experts.