How to root a GALAXY A20 SM-A205FN version 9.0


How to root a GALAXY A20 SM-A205FN version 9.0

If you are rooting (root work) for devices running the Android program, the warnings have likely passed you hundreds of times, so without interruption please read it again!  Rooting of the A20 SM-A205FN will cause you to lose your warranty.

How to root a GALAXY A20 SM-A205FN version 9.0

 We, on our part, tell you that the method of working the root on our site has been tried without any problems with obtaining the powers of the root.

 However, the implementation of the explanation in the article is at your own risk and our site does not bear any responsibility resulting from the wrong implementation of the explanation.

How to root a GALAXY A20 SM-A205FN version 9.0

About Root A205FN 9.0

 Root fit for model: A205FN
 The root works on version 9.0b
 How to make a root: by Kernel file
 Root a data scanner

 Root files required

Download Samsung Definitions

Download the Odin Tool

Notes before starting to root

 1- The device should be charged above 50 percent to avoid any problem.

 2- Take a backup copy of files such as pictures, videos, and names.

 3- Using an original USB connection.

 4- Use a laptop instead of a regular computer to avoid power outages and thus get into problems that you need.

 5- We renew the reminder that the implementation of the explanation is entirely your responsibility.

 6- You must adhere to the protection of the BOOT file as it is on your device.

 7- FRP: OFF and OEM: OFF and RMM protection should be disabled.

 Steps to flash root

 It must be FRP: OFF and OEM: OFF. You can disable protection via developer options. Enable OEM option. RMM protection must also be disabled.

 We install the Magisk Manager application on the mobile, then we copy the bot file to the mobile phone after decompressing it should become the boot.img file we open the Magisk application and go to the settings and click on the option Patched Boot Output Formate and choose the option


 Then we return to the main destination of the application, we click on the Install or Install option, a new window will open. Choose the Install option or after that, another new window will appear, click on the Patch Boot Image File option.

After that, go to the path to which you copied the bot file to. If access permissions are requested, accept and wait for the Patch Boot process to finish. It will take about 5 minutes after the process is finished. Open the file manager and go to the MagiskManager folder. You will find a file named patched_boot.img or find it in a file  Download Copy and paste it to your computer.

 We install the definitions on the computer and then open the Odin program from the AP field, we choose the boot file.

 We turn off the device and then enter it into Download Mode via the volume down key + volume up + USB cable connection.

 We connect the device to the computer and then press Start to start the flashing process The process takes about a minute.

 After flashing, the device will restart automatically, then it will boot to the Android interface, then it will request a factory reset. Press on Formate. The device will restart after it will enter the operating system setup phase, it will take about 10 minutes, then it will enter the Android interface  Then enter some required settings after the device has booted completely, we install the Magisk Manager application, restart the device, and congratulations on the root.