IPhone 2020 specifications


IPhone 2020 specifications

A new report from Bloomberg revealed more details about the specifications of the iPhone 2020 phones that Apple plans to launch during the third quarter of this year, which includes four new iPhones with a slightly different design closer to the design of the latest version of the iPad Pro 2020, as the new report revealed  Apple is also planning to announce a new Smart HomePod in a smaller size, as well as location tags to get to know where things are.

IPhone 2020 specifications

 Here are the most important details about the specifications of the iPhone 2020, according to the Bloomberg report:

Apple intends to launch 4 new iPhones this year 2020, two variants of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, in addition to two low-cost versions of iPhone 11.

 The report notes that at least two versions of the iPhone 2020 will carry a flat-edged design, similar to that of the iPad Pro.

 The new iPhones will carry a flat-edge screen with a notch smaller size.

 IPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (or stronger versions of the new iPhones this year) will carry three rear cameras, with a LIDAR depth sensor camera that was presented in the iPad Pro 2020 earlier in March 2020.

 The most expensive version of the iPhone this year 2020 (iPhone 12 Pro Max) will carry a screen larger than 6.5 inches compared to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

 Apple is expected to provide new iPhones for this year 2020 with a stronger processor with better capabilities to handle the applications of artificial intelligence and AR.

 Apple plans to launch new iPhones at the time they are accustomed to annually

 Apple used to launch new versions of iPhone phones during September of each year, which is what Apple plans with iPhone 2020 phones, but the outbreak of the new epidemic of Corona virus globally may affect the company's plans this year, as the outbreak caused the slowdown of the supply chain and stopped many  Factories in China that Apple relies on to manufacture its hardware, in addition to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 outbreak on Apple travel.

 As for the new version of the HomePod headset, it will be available in a similar design to the current version, but with a smaller half size, but it is not clear yet whether Apple will unveil the new smart speaker during the announcement event of new iPhones or at a different date, and the American company has announced  Earlier in the cancellation of its annual conference for developers for this year WWDC 2020, as the outbreak of the Corona epidemic caused the cancellation of all major technical conferences for this year 2020.

 And about the new product, which previous reports confirmed Apple's work to develop and launch soon, Bloomberg said that people familiar with the company's plans confirmed the launch of a new product called Apple Tags, which is a tracking tag that can be recognized on the phone, so that the user can attach it to various things to know  On its place, the new Bloomberg report shows that the Apple product map for the current year 2020 includes a number of other devices, including a new version of the MacBook Pro laptop, in addition to a new version of each of the Apple TV, with improved versions of the iPad and iMac.