Lawnchair For all android device


How to install Lawnchair For all android device

Lawnchair For all android device

Lawnchair For all android device

Lawnchair Launcher is the alternative to switching to the home screen of many people looking to repeat the Pixel experience on other phones, once you get used to things like Google Discover and the widget "at a glance", it becomes hard for you to go back.

 The updated V2 version has been around for a while in beta versions of alpha and play store, now stable release has been launched on play store and you can download it now.

 If you're not used to the Lawnchair app, it makes your phone's home screen look and behave like pixels, but with more options, open source benefits, and free.  As someone who wants to have a Pixel experience, Lawnchair is the live launcher for Android devices that don't belong to Pixel.

 Among the major changes in version 2, an expanded widget function at a glance, which can pull out information including battery status and unread notifications for things like playing music, emails, and chat messages right now.

 There is also dark theme support, Sesame integration, Pixel-style app suggestions, app actions, and tab support.  Basic customization options include variable network size, icon size, support for icon packs, support for shortcuts and notification points.

 Whether it's a new Pixel style launcher idea for you or you've been using it for years, you can now enjoy the stable Lawnchair Launcher 2 release, which is almost like the newer Pixel experience.

 Its update is starting to appear in the Play Store and you can download it here.  If you don't see it yet, you can also download it on APK Mirror.