Samsung plans to launch a 600-megapixel camera


Samsung plans to launch a 600-megapixel camera

Samsung plans to launch a 600-megapixel camera
Samsung plans to launch a 600-megapixel camera

Samsung Electronics aims to develop a 600-megapixel camera that can capture more details from the human eye, according to an article published by Yongin Park, executive vice president of the South Korean company and head of the camera sensor development team at Samsung, in which he talked about his perception of the future of camera sensors.

 Yongin Park said that taking pictures and videos has become part of people's daily lifestyle, as taking pictures is no longer only related to special events, but users rely on the camera in their smart phones to record the memory of a delicious meal or a new dance for them, or even when they feel they have experienced a day  Well, with immediate readiness to share photos with friends, experiences that have become smooth thanks to the remarkable advances in photography through smartphones, as well as the revolution in image sensors capable of converting the light that the camera absorbs into digital data.

 Yongin Park explained that to achieve a visual perception that is identical to the human eye, this requires a camera of about 500 megapixels, compared to most DSLR cameras that are available at 40 megapixels and compared to 12 megapixels in most smart phones, which means that the manufacturers of the camera sensors are still  In front of it is a long way to match the human visual perception, and added that it seems that just placing the largest number of pixels in the camera sensor is the easy solution, but this will lead to a huge image sensor that needs a large size, which is inconsistent with the current perception of smart phones that have designs  Skinny gauze  Where most of the phone body, but on the other side of the pixels smaller size leads to images blurry or faded, given that light up to each pixel of pixels evenly, which created a dilemma needs considerable technological prowess to skip it.

 Samsung recently launched a 108-megapixel camera

 Samsung had launched in May 2019 the first camera sensor for 64-megapixel smartphones, and only six months later it announced another sensor with a accuracy of 108 megapixels, which is the sensor that it relied on in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which it said had relied on new technology in the name of  Nonacell, which increases the absorption of light pixels compared to previous technologies, and also allows the collection of nine pixels together in one pixel, as Samsung said it was the first to develop a camera sensor with a size of only 0.7m.

 Most cameras available now only capture images visible to the human eye with wavelengths between 450 and 750 nanometers, where it is difficult to develop camera sensors capable of detecting wavelengths of light outside this range, but the development of such cameras would benefit in a wide range of areas, where  The image sensors capable of sensing ultraviolet light can be relied upon to diagnose skin cancer by taking pictures to display healthy cells and cancer cells in different colors.

Also, image sensors capable of infrared sensing can be used to monitor the efficiency of agriculture and industries. 

Head of the Department for the development of the camera sensors that perhaps the company's future development vision cameras succeed allow microbes invisible to the naked eye.

 In his article, Yongin Park pointed to Samsung's plans to develop reliable image sensors in other areas away from smartphones, such as self-driving cars, drones, the Internet of things, etc., and added that Samsung is determined to continue to innovate until providing a 600-megapixel camera that can capture details  More than the human eye itself.
Samsung plans to launch a 600-megapixel camera
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