The reveal when the first Huawei phones will appear with its HarmonyOS operating system

The reveal when the first Huawei phones will appear with its HarmonyOS operating system

It seems that the Chinese company Huawei is determined to continue to develop and manufacture smartphones despite the sanctions and pressures from the US administration in the context of the trade war between China and the United States of America, and many sources indicated that Huawei might be forced in the end  To end its activities in the smart phone industry.

It is known that among the most important repercussions of the US sanctions on Chinese Huawei is preventing it from using American software, and at the core of that is what is related to the Google Android operating system in addition to the accompanying applications, which will surely constitute a severe blow to the Chinese company, as Android controls heavily.  Great on will mobile operating systems.

In the context of searching for alternatives, the Chinese Huawei, through its CEO Richard Yu, came out with good news for the company and its brand fans, as the first man in Huawei indicated that the company's upcoming phones, starting next year 2021, will all be equipped with the company's operating system, HarmonyOS.  

An alternative to Android, which is the system that Huawei developed and launched a while ago, but it remained limited in China and on a limited number of devices such as a number of its smart TVs.

But it is unfortunate that Richard Yu did not give any more explanations about this matter, which means that the followers have to wait for some time more and exactly after two days, i.e. on September 10, as there may be developments revealed on the sidelines of the Huawei Developer Conference.