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For me, Samsung's TouchWiz interface (later renamed Samsung Experience) was one of the best modified Android interfaces ever.  Away from the heavy consumption of phone resources, it provided a unique Android experience, as I tried the MIUI interface from Xiaomi, the EMUI interface from Huawei, and even the raw Android interface.  I liked the latter a lot, but not as much as the Samsung interface, which is extremely simple.  Samsung is now working on introducing its new interface, One UI, to most of its smartphones, which of course impressed me surprisingly until a few days ago I got the Note 9 and I tried it on the ground.  And after I took a long tour of exploring the new, let me review with you the 5 best features of this interface.

While everyone is waiting for Android 10 support (it will come sometime in 2019) for night mode, Samsung has already managed and added this feature with its new interface, One UI, which is a modified version of the Android 9 version. Simply this mode transforms almost everything  System-wide black or dark gray, including the quick settings panel, call history, and messages, and if you use Samsung Internet it and the browsed web pages will also switch to night mode.  Of course, it's a very cool feature, especially with Samsung's amazing Super AMOLED screens, so using the phone at night before bed becomes less stressful for the eyes.  So, I advise you to activate this mode as soon as you have a chance to work with the new One UI.

But after the update, the difference was very clear, as there are no problems associated with using the phone with one hand, this is what the One UI interface aims to bring with it a very familiar view and control method, so that the display area is at the top and the interaction area is at the bottom;  This makes it very easy to interact with the screen using only one hand, for example, moving between sections within applications, activating features from the quick settings panel, or moving to any section inside "Settings".  I consider this a feature to be reckoned with for the new Samsung interface, as most of the modified Android destinations do not provide this ease of use with one hand.

There is also a Gesture hints option, which, once activated, these signals will also disappear and there will be no trace of the navigation bar, so when you need to go back or go to the home page or view recently opened applications, you have to swipe up from the black edge at the bottom of the phone.  For me, this alternative was very ideal, although it is difficult to adapt to it at first, but once some time has passed you will get used to the gestures and use them without any difficulty.

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One ui new samsung theme
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