One ui 3 volume styles


One Ui 3 Volume Styles 

The Volume Styles app lets you control the volume patterns to completely customize your phone's volume panel.

 Change colors, apply different themes like iOS and MIUI, change position, and more.

 You can also add additional shortcuts and change the brightness to make things easier to access.

 Easily apply any pattern with just one click:

 - The oxygen system
 - Android Oreo horizontal sliders
 - More is coming!

 Change the volume sliders that are displayed.  You can also add a brightness slider!

 Media size
 - Resonant volume
 - Notification volume
 - volume alarm
 - The volume of the call volume
 - brightness
 - System size

 Design the volume panel exactly the way you want it:

 - Colors
 - automatic dark mode
 - the radius of the angle
 - The position of the volume control panel on the screen
 - Display duration for size panel
 -… and more!

 Add shortcuts

 - toggle rotation
 - Flashlight
 - Screen capture
 - split screen
 - Settings shortcut
 - Turn off the screen
 Open the audio settings
 - Do Not Disturb toggle
 - Switch sound mode (silent / vibrate / ringing)
 - Auto brightness switch
 - Media volume switch
 - Toggle notification volume
 - Switch the alarm volume
 - Switch the voice of the voice call
 - System volume switching