The latest news on Apple Car



The latest news on Apple Car

Some time ago, we realized that Apple aspires to launch an autonomous smart car, and we also know that the company has taken big steps in this regard, and even many sources have indicated that Apple has already started.  to plan a date for the launch of this gem, but new information It has appeared in the photo in recent days.

 And among the biggest challenges Apple faces is finding a company specializing in the automotive industry to establish an industry partnership with it, which seems close to verification.  According to the international news agency Reuters, citing knowledgeable South Korean media, Apple has already started in serious negotiations with the famous South Korean automaker "Hyundai", in order to launch its expected car, which will be named after  Apple Car, according to numerous sources.

 News from the international news agency Reuters in mid-December last year about the Apple smart car indicated that Apple was genuinely interested in its project to make an electric and autonomous smart car, which is the project that  , according to Reuters, bears the name of Apple Car, but from the past It is too early to say if this is the brand name of the vehicle expected from the company.

 And according to Reuters still, Apple expects its new smart car to be ready to go on the market by 2024, while the delay caused by the Covid 19 virus outbreak could have an impact on the postponement of its launch until.  'in 2025, and Reuters says Apple could depend on external vendors.  Some of its stand-alone components such as LiDAR systems and others.

 As for the new news, it indicates that Apple and Hyundai will agree to use the South Korean company's Kia plant in Georgia to manufacture new Apple cars with a capacity of 100,000 cars in 2024.