A great application to lock applications only through the volume up and down buttons on the phone!



There is no denying that one of the reasons for the strength of the Android operating system is that it can be customized according to the style that suits anyone, and with the emergence of social media platforms, especially WhatsApp and Facebook, in addition to the excessive use of multiple media, which has become very complex and complicated.  

Which keeps a large amount of our personal data, and therefore many searches for applications to protect their files, various data and messages, and from intruders to preserve their privacy, and screen lock applications can be effective in this step because you add a layer of good protection to your smartphone.  

The fingerprint lock feature is one of the basics of modern phone use, which protects any person from tampering with his phone, which includes private personal data and information, and if your phone does not support the lock feature with a fingerprint too much, then we will share his fingerprint so much.  

As for what you might think, the method is very simple instead of relying on a password to lock applications, this application through which you can exploit the buttons of raising and storing the phone's volume in the application lock from counting  The clicks that you specify to say an application, so when you want to open an application, you will only press the volume buttons of the phone based on the number of clicks that you specified in the past.

The nice thing about it is that the application is not installed in the form of a protection application, but rather in the form of a "memo" application in a way that deludes the intruder that it is an application to edit writing and not lock applications, and for the sake of installation you will download the application via this link and then you open it and set a number  Clicks to lock applications by turning the volume down or up.

At this stage, you will select the security question to answer it in case you forgot how to open the applications and want to retrieve them, and to unlock it, you just have to press and hold the locked application screen for 30 seconds and the security question that you set in advance will appear with you and it is enough to answer it to bypass it.

In this window, the application tells you to grant it the required permission to run.

Here is what the application looks like when you open it, where you will find it in the form of a memo application, and in order to lock applications, you will enter the number of clicks assigned to reduce and raise the volume to enter the settings.

Now it is enough to lock the selected apps, and their activity will be frozen upon opening them until they are unlocked in the manner described previously.