Google decides to close one of its applications


 Google decides to close one of its applications

Google announced, in its speech to a number of media outlets, the suspension of one of its reference applications, which is the "Google Shopping" application for shopping, which is an application that may not receive much attention and may not be known by many, and it seems that things have come to an end.  Regarding Google Shopping..

 And the media indicated that Google has officially decided to stop supporting its Google Shopping application, but indicated that the desktop platform will continue to work, and Google indicated that this decision includes both the Google Shopping application on Android but also on iOS no later than June.  

Next, will continue to operate normally, as we indicated, and a number of sources said that the application has begun to direct users to the site.

And the American website The Verge, which specializes in dealing with the subject, indicated that the Google Shopping application will allow users to choose from thousands of online stores and make purchases using their Google accounts.  To quickly shop across thousands of stores and buy things using your own Google account.